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LOSSLESS Jump  speaker jumper-link cable


Lossless cables, probably the biggest bargain ever in the high-end industry.
Lossless is a digital-first audio cable to make streaming music sound as good as it possibly can.
Streamed music can sound as good as records or SACDs, but only by eliminating the unwanted interference that is transmitted into our sensitive audio systems via Ethernet, USB, and other digital connections and analogue connections as well.
If you values air, space, pace, dynamism, clarity, detail and above all, realism in your music. 
Lossless is the cable to be the best or better than someone else for streaming music.  

LJ-2 full.jpg
LJ-2 speaker jumper

Lossless Jump

LJ-2 speaker jumper links

  • DCT SIP 6N OCC conductor

  • Rhodium plated banana plugs

  • Length: 25cm

  • 4 pcs / set

  • USD350  

LJ-1 speaker jumper links

  • DCT SIP 6N OCC conductor

  • Gold plated banana plugs

  • Length: 25cm

  • 4 pcs / set

  • USD220  

LD-1 full coaxial digital.jpg


  • DST (Dual Shielding Technology) is unique.

  • Its ultimate performance is the result of the most extensive research and an in-depth understanding of low-level signal transmission.

  • Incorporating our latest vibration control technology with VCD 3rd Class Vibration Control Device. 

  • DCT high-purity Silver Ion Plated 6N OCC conductors.

  • Rhodium plated (for LJ-2) or gold plated (for LJ-1) high purity 4N OFHC DCT RCA connectors.

  • Bespoke 2-layer RFI rejecting shielding architecture for LJ-2.

  • Available length: 25cm

LJ-1 full.jpg
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