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DCT Receptacles
To running a top-end hi-fi system via iSUPPLY power system. The improvement is immediate and significant. The music is more detailed, lively and dynamic. The "silence" is at a lower level, the transients are cleaner and more relaxed
IEH iSUPPLY ENERGY HEADQUARTER  - duplex receptacles with deep cryogenic treatment
Audio-grade outlets are designed to achieve a terrific grip on the plug tines inserted into them, ensuring that there's greater contact area between the female outlet and male connector. A larger contact area should, in theory, provide a less resistive path for electron flow. Better contact also reduces micro-arcing, which is electricity's tendency to jump from one surface to another. This phenomenon creates electrical noise, so reducing it can only result in a noticeably quieter audio system.
Regular, industrial and hospital-grade outlets generally feature brass contacts for the hot and neutral connections and sometimes nothing more than steel for the ground connection. Audio outlets, on the other hand, tend to utilize highly conductive copper contacts and often feature one or more outer layers of precious-metal plating to shield the substrate from the oxidizing effects of air.
The IEH is our Audio Grade high-end AC receptacle that is the starting point for any properly built system.  By installing IEH DCT receptacle in your room, You gain an immediate improvement in performance over a standard wall receptacle. The IHE is a custom built, Audio Grade isolated ground receptacle that will ensure a life-long level of excellence. The IEH exceeds hospital grade standards for grip strength, contact resistance and current delivery. Easy to install in your wall, this is one component you need in your listening room as it will help make an immediate improvement.
INCRECABLE builds the high-conductivity IEH DCT duplex wall receptacles with deep cryogenic treatment. It is rated for 15-ampere circuits (actual tested capacity is 25 amperes), and features a near >75% copper content, which is, to our knowledge, higher than any commercially available receptacle. This heavy-duty grade duplex can replace standard wall receptacles and those duplexes used in various power strips and AC line conditioners.
The IHE offers a relaxed, mid-hall presentation, with layers of depth. The sound field is quite spacious, musicians and singers are presented with organic wholeness and rock-solid image specificity, and speakers tend to completely disappear. The IEH is adopted 6N OFHC, Deep Cryogenic Treated 15A Outlet. This is an outstanding outlet with energetic performance. Also IEH is great for digital or tubed equipment.

Burn-In Period

All IEH have been tested and pre burned-in at the factory. However, as with any high end audio components, it may take up to 50 hours of listening to music to reach the optimal sonic results.

** Due to continuous product improvement, actual product might be varied from product's picture.
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