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HD USB Cable

Substantially neutral tone to
which a certain musicality and naturalness of
the sound message is added.


Available Length:  

MSRP:  $235/1.0m, $275/1.5m, $315/1.8m

Product Features

  • DC Blocking Circuit to minimize affection from 5V voltage 

  • USB 2.0 High speed transmit ability

  • Long-term durability

  • Highest data reliability

  • Silver Ion plated SIP 6N OCC copper process conductor

  • DST (Dual Shielding Technology) & CST (Comprehensive Shielding Technology TM) 

  • 24K gold plated copper alloy terminals

  • Full aluminum USB plug shell with SPECIAL DAMPING

  • Transmits DATA at up TO 480MBPS

  • Certified according to USB2.0 HIGH SPEED (USB-IF)

  • No high heat injection molding as it can increase capacitance by compromising each core's outer jacket, effectively blending them all together.

  • Utilizes INCRECABLE M.O.S.P. (Megarate Optimized Soldering Process) termination, a fully automated process which increase transfer rate, most USB cables are hand soldered.

  • High technology soldering process with LEAD-FREE 2% SILVER SOLDER  ensures consistency which results in measurably BER (Bit Error Rate) through reduced JITTER.

  • Nitrogen Gas Injection Dielectric Foam PE minimizes data loss

  • RoHS Compliant

The data transfer within a USB cable is accomplished by using two electrical conductors, D+ and D-. USB defines one's and zero's as a difference between the two electrical signals transmitted by D+ and D-. A One is when the D+ signal is 200 millivolts greater than the D-signal. A Zero is when the D+ signal is 200 millivolts LESS than the D- signal. The host device (the USB transceiver inside your computer) sends the appropriate voltages via D+ and D- at a frequency of between 1.5 to 480 megabits per second through the USB cable to the DAC.
USB cables transmit higher frequency (up to 480 MHz), like all electrical conductors, the integrity of the transmitted signal is dependent upon the basic electrical parameters of Inductance (L), Capacitance (C), Impedance (R) and Crosstalk.
The job of INCRECABLE is to minimize the potential harm caused to the electrical signal by the deleterious effects of L, C, R and Crosstalk. Inductance is a phenomenon where as current travels through a conductor, eddy currents are formed that try to push voltage in the opposite direction of the flow of the signal. Capacitance is when as the signal travels, some of the energy escapes from the conductor and is briefly stored in the material adjacent to the conductor and then dissipated back into the conductor. Impedance or resistance is where voltage may drop over a given length of the conductor due to insufficient cross sectional area of conductor material being used for a specific application. Crosstalk is the movement of energy from one conductor to the one adjacent. All four of these phenomena cause "jitter" which is a defect in the precise timing of data that is required to maintain the integrity of the data that is being streamed to the DAC, with crosstalk and capacitance. 
Also, external phenomena such as Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) and Electro-Magnetic Interference (EMI) can introduce unwanted effects that will corrupt USB signals.
We have selected conductor materials, dielectric materials, shielding materials and assembly processes that minimize as much as possible all of the factors that can harm the critical differential voltage differences between the D+ and D- conductors. Our conductor materials are silver plated 6N OFHC copper that virtually eliminates eddy currents thus minimize inductance. The dielectric materials we use high density PE and air, resulting in very low capacitance. Our D+ and D- conductors are separated from the RFI/EMI shield with a coverage 150% layer of Aluminum screen and coverage 95% silver plated 6N OFHC braided shielding. The RFI/EMI shield material isolates the data and power legs. Effective shielding which prevents noise from entering the signal path is vital to USB cable performance. 
USB cable performance is very much determined by the quality of connector termination. Cheap moulded connectors can compromise cable performance if care is not taken during the moulding process to prevent plastic leaking around the termination points. The best solution which we use is to hand terminate the USB cable using fully shielded,  full metal jacket connectors  with excellent strain relief. This guarantees a reliable high quality performance and excellent connection integrity.
INCRECABLE do some things better or differently than other cables that do some things better or differently as well. Subtle thing's for sure.

Noise, that cause jitter, penetrate to digital signal several ways from:

  • computer power supply unit (PSU) to digital audio interface clock generator,

  • computer power supply unit thru digital audio interface to digital audio cable,

  • air to digital audio interface of DAC device,

  • DAC PSU to DAC's digital interface,

  • DAC PSU to DAC-chip,

  • DAC clock generator,

  • DAC, PSU to DAC's clock generator.

** Due to continuous product improvement, actual product might be varied from product's picture.
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