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Asked Questions

What is Vibration Control Device (VCD)?

Vibration Control Device (VCD) is the most inert vibration-absorption and dissipation matrix we have tested. Unlike other, less-costly materials used in audio, it will yield no natural resonant frequency either within the range of human hearing or proximal to the audible spectrum. It has, therefore, no tonal signature of its own; nor does it produce sub/supersonic artifacts. In plain terms, all the iCABLEs equipped with VCD perform better. VCD neutralizes low-level noise and makes for music with less audible distortion. Improved image focus and enhanced depth of field. More visceral impact, better snap and speed. A presentation at once more linear and involving: high frequencies with greater continuousness and ease; a smoother, opened-up midrange (vocal timbres in particular); more realistic transients and a tighter, deeper low end.

What is DCT3 (3 times Deep Cryogenic Treatment)?

Further improvements were made to the  DCT3  versions of iCABLEs when the cryogenic suppliers offered INCRECABLE a more advanced process which was called  DCT3  .

In this process, the cable not only undergoes a standard DCT process, but also a process that includes raising the temperature of the cable above room temperature.This process can only be carried out on cables with high temperature insulation and the silicone rubber, unlike other cable insulations, handles the process without problems. The sound quality of DCT3 treated cable is considered by INCRECABLE to be very much improved over the sound quality of a standard DCT treated cable.

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