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LOSSLESS Master Clock Cables


The master clock cable

is a critical component in high-end audio systems, especially those that rely on digital signal processing. Its primary function is to ensure that all digital components in an audio setup, such as digital-to-analog converters (DACs), digital audio workstations (DAWs), and other digital processors, are perfectly synchronized. This synchronization is vital for maintaining the integrity of the digital audio signal throughout the signal chain. Here's how a high-quality master clock cable can benefit sound performance and enhance the listening experience:

Unique Technology of LOSSLESS master clock cable:


  • ClearStream Conductors

       DCT Silver Ion Plated conductors that ensure a clear, uninterrupted flow of electricity, enhancing audio clarity and detail.

  • HarmonyShield Technology

       Advanced shielding techniques that harmonize with your audio system to protect against interference and noise.

  • DynamicFlow Enhancement

      Enhances the dynamic range of the audio system, allowing for richer, more impactful sound reproduction.


Benefits of LOSSLESS clock cables:


  1. Reduced Jitter

  2. Improved Signal Integrity

  3. Enhanced Detail and Clarity

  4. Wider Dynamic Range

  5. Tighter Bass Response


How LOSSLESS Clock Cable Works

  1. Signal Transmission: The LOSSLESS clock cable transmits a square wave signal, which represents the clock signal's timing information. This signal dictates the timing at which digital audio devices sample audio data, ensuring synchronized operation.

  2. Low Jitter: High-quality LOSSLESS clock cables are designed to minimize jitter—tiny variations in signal timing that can degrade audio quality. They achieve this through superior shielding, conductor quality, and impedance matching, which protect the signal from external interference and internal reflections.

  3. Impedance Matching: For digital signals, including clock signals, it's crucial that the cable's impedance matches that of the connected devices (typically 50 or 75 Ohms). Mismatched impedance can lead to signal reflections within the cable, increasing jitter and potentially compromising the audio quality.


Clock cable

  • DCT SIP 6N OCC conductor

  • Gold plated RCA plugs / XLR plugs

  • 3rd level Vibration Control Device

  • DST (Dual Shielding TechnologyTM) & CST (Comprehensive Shielding TechnologyTM) 

  • Suggested Retail Price: USD160/1.0m,  USD190/1.5m 

Lossless Clock


Clock cable

  • DCT SIP 6N OCC conductor

  • Gold plated RCA plugs / XLR plugs

  • 3rd level Vibration Control Device

  • CST (Comprehensive Shielding TechnologyTM)

  • Suggested Retail Price: USD100/1.0m,  USD120/1.5m 

LD-1 full coaxial digital.jpg


  • DST (Dual Shielding Technology) is unique. Its ultimate performance is the result of the most extensive research and an in-depth understanding of low-level signal transmission.

  • Incorporating our latest vibration control technology with VCD 3rd Class Vibration Control Device. 

  • 50 Ohm rated coaxial cable

  • 50 Ohm rated rhodium plated (for LC-2) or gold plated (for LC-1) high purity copper DCT connectors.

  • DCT high-purity Silver Ion Plated OCC conductors.

  • Bespoke 2-layer RFI rejecting shielding architecture.

  • Available length: 1.0m / 1.5m / 2.0m

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