Vibration Control Tools

INCRECABLE innovative unique Vibration Control  technology works in horizontal and vertical direction vibrations by Mechanical Vibration Decoupler MVD.

MVD-A.I.R.  ........ Powerful & Seductive Too!

A --- Ambiance     I --- Imaging     R --- Resolution

Perfect vibration and sound wave scattering control on an elegant & fully optimized tool

MVD-A.I.R. will help deliver a far more open dynamic and vitalized high/mid range with a tighter bass performance from any audio system. MVD-A.I.R. are typically used on critical audio equipments like LP turntable, phono preamp, CD driver, CD player, DAC, power conditioner, preamp, power amp and loudspeaker system as well; without removing the energy from any equipment.

Attached one cone and one mushroom shape DR (Diffusion Radiator) designed for mid-high frequency sound diffusion with a range of 500 Hz up to 20kHz. to fine tune the focusing, imaging and ambiance by switching different shape of DR.  

MVD-A.I.R. have the greatest influence in the inaudible overtone range as tonality is unperturbed.

They don’t really add anything; rather, they complement. Practical implementation: To your mind, it just works. Use it wisely, and your system will make a huge leap forward that you will never be able to achieve with new components.

Might be you had been quite satisfied with your system’s performance before using the MVD-A.I.R., but after the tuning with MVD-A.I.R. , it gained it whole new dimension and fully wide frequency range at all.

MVD series  ........ Horizontal & vertical vibration isolation, made easy!

M --- Mechanical     V --- Vibration     D --- Decoupler

Horizontal & Vertical Vibration Isolation Made Easy

MVD-1 & MVD-2 Mechanical Vibration Decoupler adopt INCRECABLE innovative unique Vibration Control  technology works in horizontal and vertical direction vibrations by utilizing sandwich composite construction by neoprene and cork wood, they act like nonlinear springs that cut off the transmission of vibrations.  Therefore the resonance between the two layers of the isolation neoprene become physically impossible. As a result, MVD-1 & MVD-2 Mechanical Vibration Decoupler filter out a broad band of input vibration frequencies and insure a constant level of vibration transmission reduction.

MVD-1 & MVD-2 Mechanical Vibration Decoupler feature a sturdy, black PVC with non-stick neoprene surface footprint sized 2" x 2"  (50mm x 50mm) loads up to 45 Lbs (20Kg / each). Featuring by MVCT Mechanical Vibration Control Technology, iBLOCK series tools provide good isolation both vertically and horizontally starting at 20 Hz.

  • Sandwich composite construction for isolating loads up to 45 Lbs (20Kg) / each

  • Ideal for compact applications that require a small footprint

  • Measurement: MVD-1 is 2" x 2" x 1" (50mm x 50mm x 20mm) & MVD-2 is 2 1/2" x 2 1/2" x 1" (65mm x 65mm x 20mm) work with components up to 180 Lbs (80Kg) loading capacity / per set

  • Easy to mount and design into applications

USD$80 4pc/set
** Due to continuous product improvement, actual product might be varied from product's picture.

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