Vibration Control Tools
CRYSTAL DROP CDD-1 is a member of iTONE, the ability of CDD-1 damping liquid is able to reduce vibrations of speaker drivers. Coating on cone and surround of woofer & midbass drivers, or dome of mid-range & tweeter drivers can minimize vibrations within the driver unit, yielding flatter frequency response. 
Enhancing sound performance of loudspeakers be lowered coloration and higher transparency by effectively resonance control. Optimizes the external damping and control resonance of loudspeaker  driver units as well.
CDD-1 damping liquid are clear, colorless, and odorless. They are characterized by their low pour points, low surface tensions(high spread ability), low viscosity-to-temperature coefficients, Newtonian behavior under shear, low MW, low viscosity(all close to water), excellent lubricity, high dielectric strength and RI values.

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Crystal Drop Damping Liquid CDD-1   MSRP:  USD$45.00 / bottle
Model of loudspeaker
Strong damping or overdamping would be undesirable in a speaker driver as moving the cone would be like wading through treacle. Feed it a transient and the cone would be slow to react. 
** Due to continuous product improvement, actual product might be varied from product's picture.