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Turntable System Interconnect

Getting the best possible sound and lowest possible noise from your turntable system.

VINYL VINTAGE, the iPHONO audio interconnect cable ----  for "Vinyl Lover"

Attention "Vinyl Lovers" : the Phono Cable is now available. After many years of research and evaluation, iNCRECABLE has designed a wonderful product -- the "iPHONO Cable"

Signals from MM (Moving Magnet) or from MC (Moving Coil) cartridges are highly sensitive to hum, noise and various kind of interferences.

The interconnect cables between the cartridge to phono stage pre-preamp and preamplifier or integrated amplifier must ensure that the minute signal of the cartridge is optimally transferred to the amplification and at the same time must reject any unexpected noises from entering the signal paths. General speaking, for usual interconnect cables, this is not taken sufficiently into consideration.

After most thorough analysis of these specific requirements and exacting research, the ultimate phono cables of INCRECABLE have been designed.

The various versions of DST (Dual Shielding TechnologyTM) - iPHONO cables are optimized for the different characteristics of cables and phono preamplifier input stages. Each individual application can be optimized and original recording signal transfer from tonearms to unbalance as well as true balanced phono preamplifiers is guaranteed.

The fact that the reproduction of existing systems can be improved massively by just exchanging the phono cables is rather desirable. It does not get much easier than replacing your current phono cable to iPHONO cables. 

Perfect solutions for different systems

CST (Comprehensive Shielding TechnologyTM) - iPHONO interconnect cables are unique. Their ultimate performance is the result of the most extensive research and an in-depth understanding of low-level signal transmission.

Because of the variety of tonearm configurations, connectors and phono preamplifiers, different systems require different solutions. In the CST (Comprehensive Shielding TechnologyTM) range specifically optimized phono interconnects for any application is available. These different cable types provide the correct solution for the various cartridges to phono preamplifier interconnections.

CST (Comprehensive Shielding TechnologyTM ) iPHONO Interconnect cables make exclusive use of TWISTED PAIRING, a proprietary triple shielding technology. The unique dual shielding with braided by 6N SIP Silver Ion Plated OCC guarantees zero inductance and rejects RF interferences as well.


  • DST (Dual Shielding TechnologyTM)

  • CST (Comprehensive Shielding TechnologyTM)

  • DCT3 Silver Ion Plated 6N OCC Conductor (DCT3 Treatment for Specified models only)

  • Unique conductor configuration to reduce crosstalk

  • Teflon over polyethylene insulation (Specified models)

  • Double sheilding by conductive graphite / carbon fiber layer & Silver Ion Plated OCC braided (Specified models)

  • All solder connections done with INCRECABLE lead-free 2% silver eutectic solder

  • Hand assembled construction

  • Over jacketed with mesh covered convoluted tubing

  • Guarantee optimal shielding from 0Hz to above 100Mhz

  • Guarantee very low residual system noise floor resulting in better dynamic contrast and improved signal to noise ratio

  • Achieve a signal-to-noise ratio and interference rejection of 128dB (which is 20dB to 60dB better than the other high-quality interconnect cables)

  • Eliminate interference signals by 100% proper conduction to ground

  • Provide unparalleled shield coverage of 99.9%

  • Provide extremely high rejection of magnetically and electrically induced coupling

  • Allow absolutely phase accurate signal transfer

  • Eliminate time smear and preserve time coherence

  • Prevent skin effect throughout the audio bandwidth

  • Employ a completely floating shield

  • Will be available shortly in many dedicated versions with straight or angled 5 Pins DIN tonearm connectors, precision RCA-Phono and XLR connectors

NEVER using a line level audio interconnect cable between a cartridge and the phono preamp! From the outside iPHONO cable looks similar as the other icables from INCRECABLE.

Burn-In Period

All iPHONO phono cables have been tested and pre burned-in at the factory. However, as with any high end audio components, it may take up to 50 hours of listening to music to reach the optimal sonic results.

** Due to continuous product improvement, actual product might be varied from product's picture.
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