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Speaker Jumper Link

The iJUMP Loudspeaker Jumper Links are simply that.. INCREDIBLE!

Closer to the live experience
A new breed of crossover connectors engineered for the ultimate time coherency and accuracy in signal transfer. Reveal the hidden reference potential in your bi-wire loudspeakers

Used with your system our iJUMP Speaker Jumper Link range makes the music sound fuller, more detailed and musical. The improved connection between your system lowers the impedance which gives fantastic bass performance and grip with a more dynamic sound. The RFI/EMF and Mechanical noise protection is second to none, so you can expect to feel a closer 'connection' to the music and get more of the musical message.

You should also notice more detail from your recordings with the lower noise floor meaning you hear deeper into your recordings. The speed of the signal to your system has the effect of reducing bass 'boom' and sibilance, giving a deeper and wider soundstage and with a cleaner treble with less smear on sibilant 'S' sounds.

Overall the iJUMP Loudspeaker Jumper Links are simply that.. INCREDIBLE!

Exceptional specifications from our iJUMP:
  • SIP Silver Ion Plated 6N OCC Core (99.9999%) or 6N OFHC
  • Silicon Dielectric - smooth internal signal free from micro charges
  • Vibration Control Device - incredibly silent reproduction from this mechanical noise protection
  • Twist Wiring - absorbing and rejecting RFI and completely blocking EMF
  • DCT Gold or Rhodium Plated non magnetic stainless connectors for extraordinary delivery of sound and with world-class mechanical damping and connection
  • Finishing - Termination with attention to detail with Silver Solder
  • DCT Deep Cryogenic Treatment for all the plugs and specific models
  • Spiral Conditioned and contact Treated at every stage of manufacture

Burn-In Period

All iGROUND grounding cables have been tested and pre burned-in at the factory. However, as with any high end audio components, it may take up to 50 hours of listening to music to reach the optimal sonic results.

** Due to continuous product improvement, actual product might be varied from product's picture.
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