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iGROUND is the result of many years of experience and application research in the field of grounding system.  It is highest quality and the best performing grounding cable we have ever offered.  Every component specified in its design has been selected from years of research and testing in professional and consumer high definition Audio & Video systems in both analog and digital formats.  Each component used with the iGROUND was chosen for its superior quality and performance and cost was no object.  For example, the material used in the iGROUND conductor core is made of a state-of-the-art Silver Ion Plated SIP 6N OCC, Silver Plated 6N OFHC or 6N OFHC.  The core material is the most efficient there is, nevertheless the iGROUND has twice the mass of similarly rated competitive products. Silicon Dielectric and Vibration Device are used throughout the iGROUND to further reduce electrostatic inductive distortion.

iGROUND G2 DCT Grounding Cable

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