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ALPHA3  Audio Interconnect Cable ---  SIP Silver Plated 6N OFHC with 2nd Generation Vibration Control Device

   RCA  MSRP: ***$280 /20cm, $350 /1.0m,  $400 /1.5m,  $450 /2.0m 

    XLR  MSRP: $400 /1.0m,  $450 /1.5m,  $500 /2.0m 

Length: 1.0m  
Connectors: RCA
Construction: LCHC
Conductors: Silver Plated 6N OFHC
Insulation: PET
Dielectric constant: 1.62 (avg over cable length)
Capacitance RCA: 48  pF/ft
Inductance RCA (XLR): 0.23 uH/ft
Impedance RCA (XLR): 75 Ohm
LCHC factor: 93%